Multi-Scale Health Assessment of Levees

This four-year project, which includes $3.5 million in funding from a U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Technology Innovation Program grant, aims to create an integrated suite of technologies and methods for ensuring the reliability and safety of flood-control infrastructure. Rensselaer will partner with Geocomp Corp. on this new framework, which incorporates satellite-based radar with GPS and locally installed sensors, i.e., ShapeAccelerationArrays with pore pressure measurement from Measurand Inc. Such a system could help to significantly reduce the risk of catastrophic events akin to the 2005 New Orleans levee failure during Hurricane Katrina.


“The challenges of monitoring and assessing large infrastructure systems in varying stages of deterioration are among the most pressing we face as a nation.”
– David Rosowsky, Dean of Engineering at Rensselaer